Young energy experts working for climate-friendly schools

Young energy consultants in a small Andalusian town / Junge Energieberater*innen in einer andalusischen KleinstadtUnder the title

Young energy experts working for climate-friendly schools…

… a project is now starting in Greece and in Southern Spain. Unemployed young people, who have a basic training in “energy”, will  do research in schools in their villages to see if and how the climatic conditions in them can be improved, with low energy costs and using sustainable (“clean”) energies, e.g. solar energy for  prosumers (self-consumption). We also want to facilitate job opportunities in the energy transition sector.

Young people, among other things, are going to investigate:

  • How do you get a good climate in the classes during the hot and cold weeks, without using appliances that use a lot of “dirty” energy?
  • How and how much solar energy can be produced in the school, e.g. on your roof or in the immediate environment?
  • Is it possible to reduce energy consumption with green walls, green roofs and surrounding green areas?
  • Is it possible to rehabilitate the building, or parts of the building, in an energy-efficient way?
  • And how much do these activities cost? Are there subsidies and how could the necessary funding be obtained?

Before starting these tasks, young people will be trained in the most ecological and modern techniques and methods for heating and air-conditioning buildings.

The results and proposals of the analyses, which the young people make in the schools, will be presented to the town councils and to the public in the villages. In this way, it is expected that activities and initiatives will take place to improve the schools and to generate less – or  even no – greenhouse gases. We also hope that this will encourage neighbours and enterprises in the village to rehabilitate their houses, shops or workshops, thus helping to protect the climate of our planet.

The project starts in autumn 2018 and ends at the end of 2020. In the selected regions in Greece and in Southern Spain  teams of four people will be formed. The chosen youngsters will receive a scholarship for six months during their work on the task described above. In the next two seasons there will be another two teams, who will also work for six months. The remaining time of the project will be needed for the evaluation.

The project is run by the UCA, the University of Cadiz, cooperating with the Cadiz Energy Agency, the Greek NGO “Wind of Renewals” and the “Sekretariat für Zukunftsforschung” in Berlin, a German institute. There will also be a stay of two weeks in Berlin, to present projects, examples and knowledge that could be used for their work in schools in Greece and Andalusia.

The project is funded by the “EU-Klimainitiative EUKI”, the European climate initiative, founded by the German Ministry of the Environment.


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