Future – what future?

by Herbert Girardet – 31st July 2023 | Creative Commons 4.0

The future will be green or not at all

© Garry Knight / Flickr

The first ever ‘summit of the future’ will be staged by the United Nations next year. It might be our last chance.

The first ever ‘summit of the future’ will be staged by the United Nations in September 2024. This brings to mind Mahatma Gandhi’s insightful comment: The future depends on what you do today.” 

The UN website calls for a summit “to forge a new global consensus on multilateral solutions to current and future problems.” The summit is a most timely initiative as we face unprecedented challenges, both in their globality and in their vast time horizon. 

This is the final part in our Megamorphsis series.

As never before, our decisions are affecting not just the next century or two, but millennial or even geological time spans. How can we protect the future from the unprecedented pressures of the here and now?

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The Author Herbert Girardet:

Professor Herbert Girardet is a co-founder of the World Future Council, and a member of The Club of Rome. His most recent book is Creating Regenerative Cities (Routledge). Professor Girardet is also a trustee at the Resurgence Trust, which owns and publishes The Ecologist


Man könnte das so sehen, dass mein Artikel “Generationenverantwortung in der Klimakrise” die Verantwortung der Versäumnisse meiner Generation darstellt, wobei bewusst am Ende mit der Club of Rome Studie von 2022 ein Hoffnungszeichen in die Zukunft gesetzt wird. Daran schliesst dann Herberts Beitrag an, der sich an den 2024 stattfindenden UNO-Summit for Future richtet. Herbert Girardet ist ein  enger Studienkollege von mir aus Tübinger Tagen (1962-1963), Mitgründer des World Future Council und Mitglied des Club of Rome.

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